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Recent reviews

Captain America: Civil War review

Posted : 1 year, 4 months ago on 1 May 2016 08:15 (A review of Captain America: Civil War)

"Sorry, Tony. You know I wouldn't do this if I had any another choice. But he's my friend."
"So was I."

Now this is how you do a super heroes fighting each other movie convincingly! After The Winter Soldier surprising me so much with how good it was, i was really looking forward to The Russo Brothers' next movie, and they did not disappoint. This movie was just not stop action and tension. Unlike Dawn of Justice which never felt like it was gonna end, this was over way too quickly. The movie is over two and a half hours, but it felt like maybe and hour and a half. I was surprised when it started to end because i was sure there was at least 30 or so minutes left. While the action did get a little too choppy at times, it was still some of the best action sequences of the Marvel movies so far. Especially the airport scene. I want to go back just so i can watch that again.

The cast were also all great. The returning cast is as good as always. Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. have great chemistry together and you really believe it when they start to fight. But it's the new cast i really want to talk about. First of all, Chadwick Boseman was fantastic as Black Panther. He had some of the best fight scenes in this thing and i can't wait for his own movie now. But honestly, the one that completely stole the movie was by far was Tom Holland as Spider-man.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that he is the greatest live action interpretation of Spider-man so far. He was a far more charming and funny Peter Parker / Spider-man in his small part here than both Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield has been combined in the five total movies. He absolutely nailed both parts of the character, and best of all, he is actually a teenager and not a man pushing 30 pretending to be one. That has always bothered me with the other movies. His stand alone Spider-man movie just became not just one of my most anticipated super hero movies now, but one of my most anticipated movies overall based on his performance here alone. Spider-man was always my favorite super hero growing up so it's just really great to finally see such a perfect live action version of him now. But as much as a want to keep talking about him, let's move on.

The villain of the movie on the other hand, was not very good. I know the main conflict of the movie is supposed to be Captain America vs Iron Man, but they could have given the main bad guy a little bit more to do at least. Daniel Brühl is a fantastic actor and he is barely used here. Same goes for Martin Freeman. I assume he is gonna be back for future movies though, because his role could have literally been played by anyone. I think he has like two or three scenes and he does barely anything in them. So that was disappointing.

But honestly, i can't really think of anything else to complain about. The story was not great or anything, but the reason for Captain American and Iron Man fighting each other sure made a hell of a lot more sense than the reason Batman and Superman fought each other in Dawn of Justice. The resolution was also way better here. Now we just have to wait until 2018 for the Russo Brothers' next movie Avengers: Infinity War - Part I. I need a time machine.

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice review

Posted : 1 year, 6 months ago on 23 March 2016 08:51 (A review of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice)

I really wanted to love this movie. I am a huge Batman fan and to finally see him in a movie with Superman where they fight as well is a dream come true. I even wore my Batman T-shirt to the theatre today. That is the closest i will ever come to cosplaying so that's pretty big for me. But to be honest, this wasn't very good. It just wasn't. It was still better than Man of Steel was, but honestly not by much. But let's talk about the good parts first. This wasn't an all out disaster after all.

First of all, Ben Affleck was perfect as Bruce Wayne. He is probably the best live action version of him so far. I actually didn't even see him as Ben Affleck after a while and just saw Bruce Wayne or Batman. And speaking of Batman, it's probably the best live action Batman costume as well so far. My only complaint about it is the eyes. They looked a little goofy. I wish they had finally just gone with the white eyes. It just looks so much better. Kind of like how the Black Panther mask looks in the Civil War movie. Just cut out a mouthpiece on that one and you have a perfect Batman mask. I also really liked Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. She only shows up near the end but pretty much steals the scene from both Batman and Superman. And they gave her some epic theme music as well. I'm really looking forward to the Wonder Woman movie now. That was the two things i really liked about the movie. Now for the rest of it.

First of all, Batman now apparently kills people. They never address it in any way during the movie either, he just does. If you didn't like the few times he killed people in the Tim Burton movies then you are gonna have a real problem with this one because he mows them down with machine guns and blows them up left and right. I assume it might have something to do with the death of Robin that is hinted at, but they never say anything about it so for all we know Batman just likes to kill people now. Now this might not be a big deal for most people, but for me that has always been something that made Batman such an interesting character to me. He will beat the shit out of his villains, but he won't kill them no mater how much they deserve it because he won't stoop to their level. He felt more like The Punisher here than Batman at times. So while i think Ben Affleck was the best Bruce Wayne so far, i just can' say he was the best Batman because of that. It just rubbed me the wrong way the whole time.

And i was really sceptical to the casting of Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, and it looks like i was right to be worried. He was like out of a completely different movie. He was hamming it up to the extreme. He felt more like The Riddler at times than Lex Luthor. I was hoping he would be more like how he was in The Social Network, but this was more like his performance from Zombieland or 30 Minutes or Less. I didn't like it at all. And to think Bryan Cranston was rumored for the role. Now for what people really want to see in this movie. What they payed money to see based on the title of the movie. The court case between Batman and Superman. Just kidding, i just think that is a silly title. But yeah, the fight scene between them. That's right, the one fight they have. I went into this expecting them to duke it out for the majority of the movie, but i'm pretty sure almost two hours goes by before they actually start fighting. And when you build it up for that long it better be epic.

But sadly, it turned out just okay. It had some good moments, but a lot of it is just them slamming each other through walls and switching between who gets to pound on who depending on how much kryptonite gas Batman has on him. The was the fight ends also made me chuckle a little. It's supposed to be serious, but it just comes off as pretty goofy. Now if you have seen the trailer you know that the movie doesn't actually end after their fight, but with them teaming up with Wonder Woman to fight Doomsday, and oh boy was that fight scene a fucking mess. First of all, just like every other action scene in the movie it takes place at night during a rain storm and it looks atrocious. It's also so quickly edited and shaky that i can barely tell what is happening half the time. At one point i had no idea who Doomsday just punched across the screen because it was so dark and impossible to see. I know they wanted to be all dark and gritty with this one to differentiate themselves from the Marvel movies, but this was taking it a step to far. One of the reasons people like the Marvel movies is because they can see the action. At least Man of Steel had that going for it.

And as much as i liked Wonder Woman in the movie, she was pretty much just shoehorned in at the end here. I think barely anything would have changed had she not showed up. They just needed to advertise the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. I can think of a lot more to complain about in this movie, but i think i'm gonna end my ramblings here. Overall, while it had some good moments here and there mostly thanks to Ben Affleck, in the end it was just a really disappointing movie. Like i said at the beginning i really wanted to love it, but it's impossible to ignore all of it's flaws. Hopefully the Ben Affleck directed Batman movie can make up for all of this movies problems. He was yet to direct a movie i didn't love, so i'm still pretty excited for that one.

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Creed review

Posted : 1 year, 9 months ago on 22 December 2015 10:43 (A review of Creed)

The Rocky franchise is probably my favorite movie franchise of all time. Apart from number 5, i love every single one of those movies in their own way. The first Rocky movie is easily in my top five movies of all time and is one that i can watch over and over again and never get tired of. So when i heard about this movie i got very sceptical. I felt that Rocky Balboa was the perfect ending to the franchise and never expected another sequel. At first i actually thought it was a joke. Rocky training the son of Apollo Creed in the next movie? Sounds like a bad parody or something. But then they announced the director and star, and i was all aboard. Both Ryan Coogler and star Michael B. Jordan impressed me endlessly with their 2013 movie Fruitvale Station so i knew this was in good hands now. I knew it wasn't just gonna be some cash grab riding on the Rocky name, but an actual good addition to the franchise. And thankfully i was right.

I really loved this movie. It definitely felt like a proper Rocky sequel done right in this day and age. It hit all the right beats with it's dramatic moments as well as it's triumphant moments. And just like almost every other Rocky movie, it just left me good feeling in the end. Because at it's core that is really what the Rocky movies are. Feel good movies. Sure, some might call them cheesy and over the top at times, but to me they are just what i need when i'm feeling down. And i can safely say this is gonna fit right along with the previous movies there. You can see that this was made by a fan of the Rocky movies. Ryan Coogler, who also wrote this as well as directed it, knew exactly what he was doing here. At times it might get a little too similar to the first Rocky movie, but it mostly manages to be it's own movie.

I don't even think you need to see the previous movies in the franchise to enjoy this. It's the perfect reboot when i think about it. It keeps the fans of the old movies happy while still managing to let new viewers in. It's like the complete opposite of that latest Terminator reboot that didn't make anyone happy. And i have to talk about the cast as well. Michael B. Jordan, who is definitely one of my favorite up-and-coming new actors, absolutely nailed his role here. He could have easily made the character too arrogant and unsinkable with him being a rich son of a previous champion, but he managed to still keep the character down to earth and relatable. That is why we loved Rocky Balboa in the previous movies. He was always down to earth and an average guy. And speaking of Rocky Balboa, i think it's time to talk about Sylvester Stallone now.

Man, what a performance. I honestly didn't think he still had this in him. He slipped right back into the character of Rocky as if he had never done anything else since 1976. I never saw Stallone on screen here, just Rocky. And this is probably the best performance he has given as Rocky, or anyone else, since the original. Stallone really can be a fantastic actor when given the right material and this was definitely it. There has already been a lot of Oscar talk for him after this and i can see why. He definitely deserves a nomination, and of the performances i have seen so far this year, to win as well. There is especially one monologue he has in the movie where i actually started to tear up a little. I love those Expendables movies for the dumb fun they are, but i think it's time for Stallone to focus more on some real acting again after this. He can definitely still do it.

And now that i have praised this movie into the sky, it's time to talk about a few things that i didn't like so much. Like i said, at times it just was a little too close to the first one. It is basically the same story of a fighter building his way up from nothing to eventually fighting a world champion before he actually is ready, but he wants to prove himself anyway. I know there aren't really a lot of stories you can do when it comes to boxing movies, but they could have maybe changed it up a little bit more. I also thought the love interest in the movie was a bit bland. She was just the typical love interest we get in these type of movies and i didn't really think there was anything all that memorable about her. I still remember Adrian from the first Rocky, but i have already forgotten the characters name here. I also miss Paulie. You can't make a Rocky movie without Paulie. That's inexcusable.

But overall this wasn't just a great Rocky movie, but a great movie overall and one i can't wait to watch again once it hits blu-ray. Now i'm just wondering if he are gonna get five more Creed sequels before they reboot it again with him training the son of Ricky Conlan in about 40 years. Shit, has it really been that long since the first Rocky? Time really does fly.

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Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens review

Posted : 1 year, 9 months ago on 16 December 2015 12:57 (A review of Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens)

Fucking finally! I have waited for another good Star Wars movie since 1983, and it's finally here. Well, not literally 1983, i wasn't born then, but you get what i mean. I never thought we would get another one after that god awful prequel trilogy. Those didn't even feel like proper Star Wars movies, but this really did feel like a return to the franchise. From the moment that the title appeared on screen and the whole audience applauded to the end credits started i was smiling from ear to ear. The best thing George Lucas has done since he started this franchise was selling it to Disney. After watching this i think i hate those prequels even more. This just proves that George Lucas had no fucking clue what he was doing, and if he had given those movies to someone else we might have gotten something great again like this.

But lets actually talk about it now. I had only watched a couple of trailer before watching the movie so i pretty much knew nothing about this film before watching it. I knew about the returning cast and who the new villains and heroes were, but i knew nothing about them and i'm so happy i didn't. This movie had a lot of surprises in it that i didn't see coming. Both of the new main characters, Rey played by Daisy Ridley and Finn played by John Boyega, were excellent. They actually felt like real characters and not generic blank slates for for everyone in the audience to relate and see themselves in. Way too many Hollywood movies these days just take away more and more character traits for their main characters for that reason, but here they ignored that. Even in the prequels they made Anakin Skywalker as bland as possible so more people could relate to him, and he was supposed to be one of the greatest movie villains of all time.

And speaking of villains, Adam Driver was fantastic as Kylo Ren as well. He was my biggest concern before going in to this movie. I like him as an actor in movies like Inside Llewyn Davis, but i was afraid i was just gonna see him as the goofy hipster he usually plays and not as a worthy successor to Darth Vader, but man was i wrong. The more you find out about this character, the better he became. He is definitely on his way to be among the greatest movie villains of all time. There is especially one scene in the movie where he absolutely crushed me. I still can't believe what i saw. Others who have seen the movie knows exactly what i'm talking about.

But enough about the new guys, let's talk about the returning characters. Harrison Ford is back as Han Solo and i'm happy to report that this was a million times better than when he returned as Indiana Jones. With an actual good script backing him this time it finally felt like he gave a damn again and didn't just sleepwalk through the movie. He was fantastic and probably my favorite part of the movie. Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill were also good, but it's Harrison Ford that stole the movie. And Chewie of course. But that's one of my very few minor complaints as well. I wished they had some something to age Chewbacca a little bit too. If they had just given him a little grey fur here and there and aged his face a little it would have been perfect, but he looks exactly the same as he did in Return of the Jedi over 30 years ago. It actually bothered me more than it should have. But i'm not gonna let a minor detail like that drag this down for me.

Let's talk about J.J. Abrams now. He wasn't even on my list of top choices to direct this before he was announced and i remember feel pretty disappointed when he was. He was the Star Trek director and i felt like this was just gonna end up looking like the new Star Trek movies now instead of a Star Wars film. But damn did he prove me wrong. I don't think i saw a single lens flare in this entire movie. Now don't get me wrong, i love his Star Trek movies, but this was something completely different. This was a huge responsibility, but he pulled it off pretty much flawlessly.

Did i talk about the story yet, i don't know if i did. I'm kind of just rambling on at this point, but i thought the story was great as well. Now i doubt this is gonna win any awards for it's screenplay, but for a Star Wars movie it worked perfectly. The only gripe i had was the ending. It felt a little rushed right at the end and, spoilers i guess, the way the good guys win seemed a little too easy. They build up this new Death Star looking planet us as something way more terrifying and impossible to defeat than the last one, but it the end it almost seemed like it was easier than in the first movie. But i'm guessing this isn't gonna be the last we see from it. This is just the beginning of a new trilogy after all. And what a way to begin it was. I can't wait to see this again.

I watched it in 3D now because that was the only way they were showing it, and it looked good i guess. It didn't feel necessary at all though and next time i'm definitely catching it in 2D. The cinematography was way too good to be ruined by the darkening of the 3D glasses. So definitely check it out in 2D instead of 3D if you get the chance. This might be a little too early to say, but i think this is gonna end up as my second favorite Star Wars movie of all time. It didn't quite beat Empire Strikes Back, but it got pretty close at times. I know this review was pretty vague, but i wanted to keep it as spoiler free as possible. This is definitely a movie you should watch knowing as little as possible about first. Now we just have to wait for the next one...

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Terminator Genesys review

Posted : 1 year, 12 months ago on 26 September 2015 09:08 (A review of Terminator Genisys)

Oh boy, this is gonna be a long one. Terminator 2 is probably my second favorite action movie of all time behind Die Hard so it has been really sad to see all of the bad sequels it's been getting over the years. Terminator 3 was alright, but forgettable. I can barely remember a thing from it because there was nothing special about it. Terminator Salvation was just a boring mess of a movie that made me question why anyone would ever hire McG to direct anything other than a local car dealership commercial. But i was hoping that this one would be the one to break the curse and we would finally get a great Terminator movie again. I knew it wasn't gonna top the second one or even the first one, but it had to be better than the last two. And well, it's better than Salvation at least. But sadly not by much.

This movie was just a mess. It had some decent action scenes, but nothing stood out. I wont remember any of them a few weeks or even days from now. Arnold was back in form as the Terminator though. He was definitely the best part of the movie. Hell, he was even the best actor of the movie. Yeah, in a movie co-starring J.K. Simmons and Jason Clarke, Arnold Schwarzenegger gave the best performance. He really was the only one that seemed like he cared about the movie. Everyone else was just kind of sleepwalking through it. Jai Courtney gave the same performance he always does though. Bland leading man with the acting talent and charisma of a bag of potatoes. Why does he keep getting cast in big movies like this? First he was in a horrible sequel to Die Hard and now he is in a bad sequel to Terminator. At this rate i'm willing to bet he is gonna be Rambo's sidekick in his next movie.

Emilia Clarke, who i love on Game of Thrones, was also very miscast i feel. I'm guessing the studios and producers would never let a woman get as muscular and tough looking as Linda Hamilton was in T2 in a movie anymore, girls need to look nothing but sexy all the time in movies now no mater who they are playing, but Emilia looked like a teenager cosplaying as the character. But what really is this movie weakest point by far is the script. Genesys is some kind of app that Skynet has made that is gonna destroy the world and over a billion people has apparently pre-ordered it. Not even a new Facebook app would get that many pre-orders. I have never even heard of anyone pre-ordering a fucking app.

And they are really getting overly fucking convoluted with this whole time travel story line now. In the first two movies it was nice and simple. A killing machine has been sent back from the future to kill a certain person and someone has to stop it. That is all you needed. Now we are apparently time traveling all over the fucking place and creating all kinds of different time lines and all that crap. This is a Terminator movie, not fucking Star Trek. And holy shit i was bored when they went away from the action to talk their sci-fi mumbo jumbo. Every five minutes or so the movie has to stop so one character can explain what is happening to another one and i just didn't care at all by the end. The story made no sense and the character trying to explain it for the hundredth time didn't help.

And now i have to talk about the new Terminator that was set up as a surprise, but spoiled in pretty much every trailer and the fucking poster as well, the John Connor Terminator. If they hadn't spoiled that bit fucking everywhere i'm sure that would have caught me by surprise. They definitely built the reveal up long enough. But now i was just waiting for it to happen. Whoever was in charge of the marketing for this movie should be banned from working on a movie or TV show ever again. But i will admit the new Terminator was pretty cool. Or could have been, but Jason Clarke portrayed the character completely wrong and didn't make him intimidating at all. Robert Patrick literally gave me nightmares as the T-1000 when i was younger. He created an iconic movie villain in that movie and so did Arnold with the first movie. Jason Clarke was too jokey and casual. That made sense in the beginning when he was still pretending to be John Connor, but he kept that persona up until pretty much the end of the movie. That didn't make him scary at all.

I never felt any tension at all in this movie. Not once. The fact that this movie was rated PG-13 instead or R probably helped that as well. I have liked PG-13 sequels to R rated movies before. I really enjoyed Die Hard 4 and hated Die Hard 5 when they went back to the R rating again, so if it's done right i really don't mind. But that PG-13 rating has so far not done the Terminator franchise any favors. In fact, i believe that is one of the many reasons this bombed at the theaters in America. It was marketed at completely the wrong crowd. Teenagers don't care about the Terminator. So if they actually decide to make another one, please make it an R rated movie at least. For the actual fans of the franchise. I was gonna give this movie a 5/10, but the more i think about it the less i actually liked it.

I can't really think of anything i really enjoyed here. It had some nice nods to the first movie in the beginning and like i said a few of the action sequences were decent enough, but i don't really think that is enough to give this movie anything close to a good rating. It's still better than Salvation was, but i would not recommend it to anyone. Not even fans of the franchise. Or maybe i should say especially not fans of the franchise.

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Tusk review

Posted : 2 years, 9 months ago on 4 December 2014 07:01 (A review of Tusk)

"Are you really mourning your humanity? I don't understand, who in the hell would want to be human?"

I used to be a huge Kevin Smith fan. He was one of my favorite directors and comedians. I would love anything he did was always anticipating his next movie. But lately that has all changed. Something about him lately has just really bugged me. I don't know if it's me or him that has changed, but now i just find him more annoying than funny. I used to listen to his podcasts all the time, but now i don't listen to any of them. He seems to only do dick sucking jokes and weed jokes these days. But i do remember one of the last Smodcasts i did listen to was the episode this movie is based on. It was one of the last great episodes of the podcast i feel. So when he announced he would actually make a movie based on it i was finally looking forward to something from him again. The concept was just crazy enough to work. It's just a shame Kevin Smith had no fucking clue how to do it.

I'm just gonna say right away that this movie was fucking awful. It was a mess from start to finish that had no idea what it wanted to be. It switches between slapstick comedy to dark horror all the time, but never does it in a seamless way at all. It feels like two equally awful movies randomly spliced together to make possibly one of the worst movies i have ever seen. The comedy of the movie is mostly just bad Canada jokes and puns. Stuff that not even a 5-year-old would laugh at. And the horror is never scary in any way and the walrus suit at the end is laughably cheap looking. It's like a rubber costume you would get at a Halloween store.

The protagonist of the movie, played by Justin Long, is also one of the least likable people ever. Are we really supposed to root for this guy? He has a podcast named NotSee Party (Get it? It's another pun) where all him and his co-host, played by Haley Joel Osment, does is sit around and laugh at internet videos it seems. But he also goes and interviews some of the people in these videos and is going to Canada to interview one that chopped his leg off (with some of the worst computer effects ever). And one the way we get more hilarious Canada jokes. When he gets to the person it turns out that the kid has killed himself, and Justin Long's reaction is that he is an asshole for not waiting a couple of more days so he could get an interview out of him. And during the movie we also get some flashback scenes that shows that he brags to his co-host about cheating on his girlfriend. I don't know why that was added to the movie since it has nothing to do with the story at all. Maybe Kevin Smith just really wanted to show how much of an asshole this guy really is. But not only is he an asshole, he is also a fucking idiot. At one point in the movie after he is captured he finds his phone again, because for some reason the phone is still just lying around in the house, he decides to call his friends for help instead of the police. His friends that are still in America at this point while he is far up in Canada.

We also get an appearance by Kevin Smith and Johnny Depp's (more on him later) daughters working at a Canadian convenience store, and they are awful. Absolutely awful. I only bring that up because apparently they are getting their own spin-off movie next year. Why? Not even the most die-hard Kevin Smith fans can be looking forward to that, right? And let's get to Johnny Depp as well now. This is, without a doubt, the worst performance he has ever given. He plays pretty much Inspector Clouseau, but if he was even more of a French stereotype. He has an outrageous French accent, always drinks and smokes, and on top of it all, he wears a beret. I have never seen a character more out of place in a movie than here.

Okay, for the rest of this review i will be spoiling the movie, so don't read on if you for some reason still want to watch this garbage. But i have to talk about the walrus fight scene. What fuck was up with that? Any last piece of dignity the movie had left just flew out the window there. Michael Parks, who plays the old man who turns Justin Long into a walrus, puts on a suit himself and they start to fight. Two adult men, in cheap walrus costumes, are now fighting and pushing each other around of film. I'm sure this is a very proud moment of both of their careers. And in the end Justin Long wins just as his friends and Johnny Depp comes in to save him. And at that point Johnny Depp point a shotgun at him as it looks like he is going to put him out of his misery, and then the movie cuts to black for a second. Then we see it's one year later and it turns out he is still alive and living as a walrus at some kind of run down zoo or something. What happened in the last scene then? We get no resolution there. How did they stop Johnny Depp from shooting him? And most of all why?

If you are just gonna have him live on as a walrus from now on anyway, alone in some run down zoo, i'm sure he would have preferred death. And you still feed him raw fish as well? We saw him eat that once before in the movie. He was not locked up for that long. It would have taken him more than a couple of days to completely go from a human being to a fucking walrus. I'm sure i'm just rambling at this point in the review, but this movie just made me mad. It was so awful. How can anyone look at this and think it's good? I know Kevin Smith has his legion of fanboys, i used to be one myself, but surely even they must see how bad this movie is?

This is, without a doubt, Kevin Smith's worst movie to date. I would rather see Cop Out and Jersey Girl on constant repeat for the rest of my life than sit through this garbage again. It is poorly written, poorly directed, poorly acted and all the effects look like shit. Fuck this movie and fuck Kevin Smith for making it!

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The Theory of Everything review

Posted : 2 years, 10 months ago on 26 November 2014 03:52 (A review of The Theory of Everything)

"Now you are recognized everywhere. How do you deal with all the attention?"
"I was stopped recently by a tourist in Cambridge, who asked if i was the real Stephen Hawking. I replied i was not, and said the real one was much better looking."

Stephen Hawking is one of the most fascinating people i can think of, so i was very much looking forward to this movie. He has lived a pretty interesting life and if it's one person that really deserved a biopic, it's him. Eddie Redmayne pulls off a star making performance here as Stephen Hawking and is the first performance this year i can say for certain is gonna be nominated for an Oscar. Maybe even win. He is completely lost in the character and all i could see on screen was Stephen Hawking. At first i thought he looked kind of goofy, kind of like Austin Powers or something, but that quickly went away. His acting here was flawless and i can't wait to see what he does next.

Felicity Jones was also very good as Jane Hawking and might be looking at an awards nomination herself as well. But beyond the great performances, this does feel like a pretty standard biopic. It goes through the same plot points as most of them and never really does anything all that special. Stephen Hawking has lived a great life and the way he has overcome his illness is incredible, but there really isn't anything special about this movie. It just goes through the motions. It does a fine job at it, and the awards shows are gonna eat it up, but i doubt it's gonna be a movie people will remember much in a few years. It's gonna get lost in the sea of other generic biopics based on great people. Sadly not that many of those are remembered fondly a few years after release. This is definitely worth a watch though. Especially if you are a fan of Stephen Hawking.

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Enemy review

Posted : 2 years, 10 months ago on 26 November 2014 03:51 (A review of Enemy)

"The last thing you need is meeting strange men in hotel rooms. You already have enough trouble sticking with one woman, don't you?"

I'll just admit right away that i did not really understand this movie. This was a strange one. I assume it's one you have to watch several times to fully get, but i doubt i will be doing that. I liked the movie, but it's not one i fell i will ever need to watch again. Jake Gyllenhaal did a good job playing his dual roles, even if they were both pretty much the same characters. One is a little more aggressive than the other, but that's about it i feel. I can't avoid comparing this to the other movie where the main actor plays a dual role this year, The Double. They felt very similar in tone and setting. Very dark and bleak. And while i think Jake Gyllenhaal is the better actor of the two, Jesse Eisenberg did a better job in The Double. Largely thanks to the fact that he had more to do though. Those characters felt like two distinctly different characters. But that was the point in that movie, and i think the point here was that the characters were supposed to be so very alike. But this is definitely worth a watch. Be prepared for some very strange moments though. This movie has a weird fascination with spiders it seems. The very last scene of the movie was especially strange and i really need to look up what that meant. But yeah, definitely worth checking out.

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A Most Wanted Man review

Posted : 2 years, 10 months ago on 26 November 2014 03:51 (A review of A Most Wanted Man)

"It's just an ordinary pen. Looks like a pen, writes like a pen, and listens like a pen."

This was a very bittersweet experience. While i really enjoyed the movie, it was also depressing to think that this is one of the last movies for one of my all time favorite actors, Philip Seymour Hoffman. He absolutely nailed this part just like he always did. He has a spot on German accent that he never drops throughout this entire movie as well. It was a very good final movie for him apart from the Hunger Games movies. The rest of the cast were also good. I loved the scenes between Philip Seymour Hoffman and Willem Dafoe. Those two acting powerhouses going head-to-head was fantastic to watch. Rachel McAdams and Robin Wright were also good. One of the stand out performances of the movie came from a relatively unknown actor though, Grigoriy Dobrygin. I don't think i have ever seen him in anything before, but after this i'm sure he's gonna get some more parts in bigger movies. But it's not only the acting that i great here. I also absolutely love these types of espionage thrillers where you never really know who to trust or not. This was a very tense movie and kept me on the edge of my seat throughout it. The only complaint i have is the ending. It felt very abrupt and not like a real conclusion. But overall it's definitely worth watching. Especially if you were a Philip Seymour Hoffman fan. I'm so happy he at least got to end his career with something good unlike a lot of other actors. It's always so sad when the last movie of a great actor or actress is something bad like Raul Julia in Street Fighter.

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Boyhood review

Posted : 2 years, 10 months ago on 26 November 2014 03:50 (A review of Boyhood)

"Hi, I was wondering if you'd like an Obama sign on your lawn?"
"Do I look like I'm voting for Barack *Hussein* Obama? This is private property, you know! I could have you shot!"

I have been excited for this movie for a few years now since i first heard about it. The movie has been shooting for about 12 years so this was a very ambitious project. It's just a shame that the end product was this boring. The movie has no real story it follows. It's just moments in this kids life as he is growing up. But nothing special ever happens to him. He just lives a completely normal life and has just completely normal things happen to him. I guess that is the point, but that is also the problem. Regular, normal life is boring. That is why i watch movies, to get lost in a new world. Not watch the same boring life i already have had for almost 3 hours. I guess i'm one of the very few people that felt that way considering the great reviews it's been getting everywhere, but i just didn't see the appeal at all. It had good acting at least. They were lucky with the kids they chose as they were consistently good throughout the movie as they grew up. Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette were also good as usual and you could really see how they changed in that time period as well. I don't really know what else to say here as they movie really didn't have a story. It was like if someone took a boring family drama TV-show that had lasted for 12 seasons and then edited it down to an almost 3 hour long movie. It doesn't really work. I love the ambition behind the movie, i just didn't think it worked out in the end.

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